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Egbert at the American Orthodontic Conference, AAO 2012

  Egbert at AAO 2012 meets Smeethy the smiling orthodontic monster, it’ll be MacEgbert’s turn tomorrow Hi everyone, Egbert here at the American orthodontic conference, AAO 2012. This conference is massive, there are orthodontists from all over the world at … Continue reading

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How long do I need to wear Twin Blocks for?

Whether it’s Galway, Mayo or Dublin, all my orthodontic patients with Twin Blocks ask me how long they need to wear them for. I can’t give them an exact answer because: different patients are at different stages of their growth … Continue reading

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What do Twin Block braces do?

I had an orthodontic patient in Swords ask me recently, “Dr Murray, what do twin block braces actually do?” Feel free to enjoy the video while you are reading this, but Don’t Try It at Home! Well, that is a great … Continue reading

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An orthodontic emergency

This week I was treating orthodontic patients in Dublin, and this evening I went to a couple of lectures on medical. emergencies in the dental surgery and how to deal with them. Fortunately, most of the patients I treat are young … Continue reading

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Does it hurt when I get my orthodontic braces off?

This is a question that I get asked a lot by my orthodontic patients – whether it’s Galway, Mayo or Dublin, a wariness of the unknown is universal! The simple answer is no, not really. Getting fixed braces (train tracks) removed after your … Continue reading

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What happens if I don’t wear my orthodontic retainer?

I could start by talking about orthodontics, but instead I’ll start with a video and a quote by legendary clever Greek guy, Aristotle. First, the video….   “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore excellence is not an act, but … Continue reading

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Online orthodontics

I had my first enquiry for orthodontic advice over the internet yesterday. A guy – I think in another country – wanted an opinion about his orthodontic treatment, and wasn’t sure why his orthodontist and his own dentist had different … Continue reading

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That Friendly Orthodontist at Croke Park in Dublin

That Friendly Orthodontist is a big rock fan. Whether it’s Galway, Mayo or Dublin, when patients come for orthodontic treatment, they usually get some combination of singing, humming and rock triva depending on what’s on the radio that morning.   Rock music … Continue reading

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Orthodontic shopping spree and a wedding to attend

  I recently got an invite to a wedding out of the blue – only 4 weeks ahead of the wedding too, so my November orthodontic session in Tuam is slightly altered and will now be a week early. As … Continue reading

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More new braces for even happier faces

Well, I got home yesterday night and I was hardly in when a delivery man arrived with my first consignment of goodies from the British Orthodontic Conference last week. During the conference, I had been wandering around the stands from the … Continue reading

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