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Do my orthodontic braces make my teeth separate?

An orthodontic patient in Dublin said this to me earlier in the week. They had started their treatment towards the end of 2011, and now noticed spaces between their teeth. I had a look at their teeth, and right enough, … Continue reading

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That Friendly Orthodontist at Croke Park in Dublin

That Friendly Orthodontist is a big rock fan. Whether it’s Galway, Mayo or Dublin, when patients come for orthodontic treatment, they usually get some combination of singing, humming and rock triva depending on what’s on the radio that morning.   Rock music … Continue reading

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Digital Dental Photography and That Friendly Orthodontist

Happy New Year! About midway through last Autumn, I was asked to write an article on Dental Photography for one of the dental magazines, which was very flattering. Needless to say, I blew it by missing my print deadline, but … Continue reading

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More new braces for even happier faces

Well, I got home yesterday night and I was hardly in when a delivery man arrived with my first consignment of goodies from the British Orthodontic Conference last week. During the conference, I had been wandering around the stands from the … Continue reading

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An orthodontic lesson from a financial prankster

Well I flew home from the British Orthodontic Conference into Dublin a couple of days ago and back at home in Galway and catching up with the mail – both real mail and email – and one thing in particular … Continue reading

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BOC Day 2 – how it helps me to help orthodontic patients in Galway, Mayo and Dublin

Well, just finished the second day of the British Orthodontic Conference, and I am looking forward to going back to my orthodontic sessions in Galway, Mayo and Dublin and putting some of the things I learnt into practice for the … Continue reading

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The Great Orthodontic Jamboree!

Greetings from Yorkshire, UK. That Friendly Orthodontist has just landed and installed himself in Harrogate, not far from Leeds and York, for the British Orthodontic Conference. This is the orthodontic equivalent of a trip to Dunrum Shopping Centre, or an outlet … Continue reading

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Orthodontic Braces – How to clean teeth and braces

I have a new video up on YouTube! That Friendly Orthodontist TV has a short vid on how to clean your teeth when you have fixed braces on, with added soundtrack magic from a great Canadian singer songwriter called Dawg. … Continue reading

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Logo time

Well, the next thing we had to do was get a logo together, because that is just one step away from the entire world of stickers and sponsoring a Formula One team. There will be more logo to follow, perhaps … Continue reading

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