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The effect of alcohol on surgical skills

Before I became an orthodontist, I worked in oral surgery and my first postgrad exam was called the “Fellowship in Dental Surgery”, which is a bit like “The Fellowship of the Ring” but with less hobbits, and in fact less … Continue reading

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An orthodontic emergency

This week I was treating orthodontic patients in Dublin, and this evening I went to a couple of lectures on medical. emergencies in the dental surgery and how to deal with them. Fortunately, most of the patients I treat are young … Continue reading

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Retainer care revisited

I was talking to a patient today about her orthodontic retainers. She had a great orthodontic result, her teeth were nicely aligned, her smile was great, and she was delighted with it. She was wearing her retainers as directed and … Continue reading

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Recycling is usually a great idea, but….

Second hand braces? No thanks. This is the international symbol for Single Use Only. If a medical product has this on it, it shouldn’t be used on another patient, even if you can sterilise it. I guess I am on … Continue reading

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That. Friendly. Orthodontist. Kills all known germs. Dead.

Just out of several hours of lectures about protecting patients by using the best procedures to avoid infections in the dental surgery from all sorts of nasty germs. This was a most enjoyable day of talks given by a really interesting … Continue reading

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